An ER Fanfic following the "Bishop Stewart" arc

Exhaustion had finally claimed him and though his mind wrapped itself around the memories of his past, they were not enough to rouse him. For the first time in longer then he could remember his dreams were not filled with the horrors of war...of death and loss....

"Luka..." Glancing up from the book that lay propped on his knees he turned towards the kitchen where he knew his wife was. "I'm studying." He tapped the pen on his lip as he returned his attention to the textbook in front of him. "Luka, don't make me come in there, I need your help." Danijela's tone didn't reflect any immediate need but the fact she had asked twice made him look back to the doorway. "It can't wait?" Without waiting for an answer he lay the pen between the pages as a bookmark before closing the text and setting it aside. "Never-mind, I'm coming." Rising he grabbed the empty coffee cup that sat by his chair and went to join her. As he reached the kitchen he sat the cup on the table before walking over to where she sat at the table nursing their son. "You're beautiful when you do that." He offered a smile with the compliment before pulling a chair out to join her. "You always say that, but thank you anyway." She returned his smile with one of her own even as she switched the baby to the other breast. "Jasna needs a bath before bed, can you do it for me?" She let her deepening smile act as leverage. "I have 3 more chapters to get through tonight." He reached across the table to stroke Marko's hair. "You also have a daughter who needs a bath and I'm a little busy here. Go spend some time with her, please? I'll make it up to you later." With a laugh he drew his hand back then stood, moving behind her before planting a kiss on her now upturned mouth. "I'll hold you to that."

The laugh of his wife mingled with those of his daughter as his dream shifted to memories of the small girl in her bath. A cherished gift of bubble-bath doled out a few precious drops at a time. "Tata." She giggled in delight as she blew bubbles from her hand only to watch them strike him as he knelt beside the basin that served as her bathtub. "Jasna." He admonished her in mock anger which only further delighted her before she repeated the act. "I'm going to get you." He scooped some of the bubbles into his hand and plopped them on top of her head. "We need to wash your hair now." He scooped still more bubbles up with her now prepared.

This was the past he wanted to remember, he brought his hand up to rest alongside his face as he shifted slightly in his sleep.

Hearing the bed squeak Angelique looked over to where Luka still slept, then to her watch. Almost ten, she would need to wake him soon. She moved to his side, taking a seat in the chair beside him. He seemed so at peace, a look that had been as rare for him in the past as it seemed to be on him now. What would it take for him to put it all to rest, to face the consequences of what his families loss had done to him and to allow him to move forward?

She should have known she couldn't sit and simply watch him and as she brushed stray locks of hair from his face she smiled as he opened his eyes. "Good morning." She expected him to be confused, too much had happened for him not to be and he did not disappoint her. "Angelique?" His voice was quiet, deepened by sleep, rubbing his hand across his eyes he struggled to clear his jumbled thoughts. "You weren't a dream?" She could only smile at the question, before caressing his cheek with her fingertips. "No, Sweetie. I'm not a dream. We met at the lecture last night, at the Church. Do you remember that?" When he nodded she smiled, "Good, are you hungry? I ordered some breakfast in. Why don't you go take a shower and I'll call down for some fresh coffee, we have a lot of catching up to do."

to be continued...


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