Name and last prompt done/active Community
aamuses: Step 5 / Step 6 not posted
artistic license: April
couples therapy: 64.5
creative muses: April
on the couch: 48.4
realm of the muse: 2009 18.2
theatrical muse: 282
writers muses: 85.6

10 er fics: General Table Completed/ Character Table Open
10 Hurt Comfort: New Chart Started: Do it Yourself
Basic Chart 9 Completed
100 Moods: 62 Prompts Completed
100 Situatons: 71 Prompts Completed

Communities that are no longer being updated
canon muses: closed
erotic muses: withdrew
ineffable fandom: no recent prompt updates
muse pens: no recent prompt updates

talking muses: closed
true writers: closed
the big show: closed


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