January 2009
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12:16 am

Prompt 31.2: I am... /On the Couch

01:35 pm

Prompt 262: Lines. /Theatrical Muse

02:15 am

From: [personal profile] rude_not_ginger the fanficcers love meme, continued.

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06:27 pm

OOC/ Possible Delays

03:10 pm

Prompt 2009.1.D.4. Incense/ Realm of the Muse

02:44 pm

Prompt 33.1: Rest/On The Couch

11:10 am

Prompt: 265 What did you dream last night? /Theatrical Muse

02:33 am

January Prompt 004: Violence is not the answer, but it is a bloody good guess. Anon/Artistic License

07:15 pm

Community and Challenge Update

03:39 am

Stupid Viruses /Probable delays


07:49 pm

January Prompt: 005. How have you beaten the odds? /Creative Muses

08:37 pm

Prompt 48.5: Discuss something unexpected that happened in your relationship./ Couple's Therapy

07:35 pm

Emergency absence...



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