(set in the Congo, 2002)

It had been close to midnight when the flatbed truck rumbled into the clinic at Kisangani, by the time the passengers were triaged, it was nearing 1am. Luka's condition was among the worst of those on the truck as he suffered not only from the neglect and abuse of having been held hostage by the Mai Mai rebels, but from untreated malaria as well. Despite her own fatigue, Gillian Ronin, the French Nurse who'd accompanied Dr. Carter on the rescue mission refused to leave his side until he'd been bathed, IV's had been started, and his abrasions had been dressed. Even then she'd tried to remain with him, and it had only been with the promise that he would not be left alone that she'd agreed. So it was that Dr. Angelique Chada had roused one of the nursing aides to sit at his bedside.


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