Thought I would archive two posts I did for a Community application even though I was denied entry to it...the community will remain nameless.

Topic 1: Describe a dream you had as a child that has stayed with you. 
To dream, and to have it be something other than the nightmares that for so many years were all that came to visit me.  It's hard to remember when my dreams were something to look forward to, when they held more then blood and death and ultimately a confirmation of all I have lost.
When I think back on the dreams of my childhood I rarely see them for more then the fleeting glimpses into fantasy that most of them were.  In the dreams of my childhood I could be the knight on his noble stead, the superhero battling the world's injustices, a spaceman taking his first steps on a world we can only dream about. 
I wish I could say that there was one that held a glimpse of something that prompted me to remember it through all I have endured but I really can't. 
The dreams of my childhood were ones of joy, ones of adventure that carried me from one day to the next and left me looking forward to whatever the day would bring, if only they could have remained. 
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Topic 2: If you could change one thing in history, what would it be and why?
It was 1991, Danijela and I had been married for five years and were parents to two children. Jasna our daughter, was barely five, and our son Marko,  just 18 months old.

I'd gone to the market on the day that it happened. There was never much to buy but I had hoped to find some bread and cheese to break the monotony of the thin soups we'd been surviving on. Jasna had begged me to let her come with me and I refused, I told her it wasn't safe, never knowing that had I said yes.

I heard the shrill whistle in the air as I rounded the corner to our street and in that next moment I saw the mortar hit our building.  I remember running across the street and up the stairs toward our apartment. I passed neighbors I should have stopped to help, but all I could think of was reaching my wife and children. I knew my son was dead the moment I stepped through the door, his small hand reached up through the bars of his crib as he lay buried under it. I would have remained frozen there had I not heard my wife's cries for help and as hard as it was I left him to go to her. When I found her I also found my daughter, they were alive, but their injuries were severe. I don't remember how many hours I fought to save them, I only know that I failed, and in the end I lost them all.
What kind of a husband and father would I be if I didn't undo their deaths were I given that chance?
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