Title: Home Sick
Character/Pairing: Luka Kovac/Abby Lockhart
Prompt: 049 Cold
Word Count: 443
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: None to speak of.
Summary: Even doctors get sick.
Disclaimer:Neither Goran Visnjic's image nor the character of Luka Kovac of ER belong to me. No copy-write infringement is intended by their use, they are being borrowed here strictly for entertainment purposes.

The coughing had started during the night and by morning it had been joined by a rising fever, even if Luka wasn't ready to admit it. As the phone rang he rolled over in bed and fumbled for it, knocking it off the cradle before he actually took hold of it.

"Luka, are you there?" He could hear Abby's voice even before he lifted the receiver to his ear.

"Yeah..." He released a harsh cough as he tried to clear his throat enough to answer.

"I'm here." His voice remained quiet despite his efforts.

"You sound terrible, have you been up long?" Abby's concern began to move into her voice as she questioned him.

"Not up yet, but, I need to, I'm supposed to work." A rough cough followed his reply as he answered her.

"I don't think that's a good idea, not with the way you sound. Miriam is there with Joe, there's cough syrup in the medicine cabinet, take something and try and go back to sleep." Abby found herself smiling as she imagined his response to her directions.

"It's just a cold, Abby." Luka found himself protesting despite how he felt.

"It's just a cold now, but, what if it gets worse and you give it to Joe? Think about it, Luka, I don't really want to take care of a sick baby if I don't have to, do you?" Abby swallowed her own fear as she thought about the possibility of Joe getting sick, his first fragile months in the hospital still too fresh in her mind.

"Do you want to be responsible for giving your cold to him and risk having it turn into pneumonia?"

"All right, you've made your point." Luka was forced to stop in mid-sentence as the harsh coughing once again forced stole his voice.

"Tell them I'll be in for my shift tomorrow." His words were little more then a whisper as he found them again.

"I'll tell them we'll see how you feel by tomorrow, but they may need to cover that one as well. In the meantime, take something and go back to bed, I'll bring some soup home with me for dinner."

"I will, see you when you get home. His voice was going and with each series of coughs, he found another layer stripped away. Replacing the receiver in the cradle he dropped his feet to the floor, all he wanted now was to take something to ease the cough and to go back to sleep. As he got to his feet, and found himself wracked by yet another barrage of coughing he wondered if even that was going to be possible.
001.Tired 002.Back Alley 003.Sunrise 004.Late 005.Son
006.Hot 007.Friend 008.Floor 009.Cheat 010.Think
011.Disgust 012.Shelter 013.Borrow 014.Chair 015.Alter
016.Peace 017.Beach 018.True 019.Crazy 020.Love
021.New 022.Beggar 023.False 024.Happy 025.Cancer
026.Pickpocket 027.Reverse 028.Deliver 029.Arrival 030.Fall
031.Knife 032.Torn 033.Danger 034.Neutral 035.Mate
036.Fly 037.Loud 038.Touch 039.Seek 040.Argue
041.Work 042.Sink 043.Nut 044.Stuck 045.Animal
046.Pray 047.Kill 048.Light 049.Cold 050.Affair
051.Restaurant 052.Movie 053.Wait 054.Patient 055.Crime
056.Choke 057.Fever 058.Summer 059.Eat 060.Thirst
061.Chance 062.Appear 063.Whisper 064.Day 065.Scream
066.Fail 067.Confused 068.Smile 069.Come 070.Alone
071.Fast 072.Slow 073.Return 074.Fire 075.Positive
076.Baby 077.Upset 078.Kitchen 079.Winter 080.Ignorant
081.Fool 082.Afraid 083.Prison 084.Sex 085.Hate
086.Alarm 087.Genius 088.Negative 089.Flood 090.Bomb
091.Hospital 092.Trap 093.Celebrate 094.Old 095.Disappear
096.End 097.Laugh 098.Pain 099.Nightmare. 100.Expectations


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